Partner with Bluegrass Supply Chain Services and achieve superior results with your assembly and sequencing requirements.   Our Sub-Assembly services are geared towards reducing your manufacturing and supply chain costs.  Services include:

Assembly: Today, we provide assembly services to a wide range of industries, with augmented services including module build-up, sub and final assembly, and full-service assembly with design, material sourcing and fabrication or kitting.  We are a full 3PL facility that can support assembly of products or parts for virtually any industry.

Sequencing: Fulfillment logistics is complex, and often requires key decisions to be made by different disciplines at distinct stages along the supply chain – decisions that are all determined by each party’s costs and constraints. Costs increase when scheduling is delayed or when the product(s) reach a stage earlier or later than planned. When improved with technology and strategically adjusted processes, sequencing and supply chain scheduling can have a significant impact on cost optimization and efficiency.

Engineering Support: Supplier Quality Management, Technical representation liaison, Root cause analysis / problem solving, and process management

Launch Support:  OEM safe launch and GP12 support for new programs

Sorting and Inspection: Visual inspection for non-conforming parts and/or evaluating the condition, functionality, or fit of an item and assign it a


Containment:  Providing a structured system to detect nonconforming parts.  Both on-site and off-site in a Bluegrass location

Rework:  Changing the physical characteristics of nonconforming parts to meet specifications.

Inspection: Evaluating part characteristics using gauges, color keys etc… and containing non-conforming parts based on specifications.

Repack: Packing, Kitting and/or sequencing to meet JIT/JIS.

Sorting: Visual inspection for non-conforming parts based on specifications.