Value Added Warehousing2018-06-29T14:44:53+00:00

We provide value-added services designed to reduce inventories, reduce operating costs, and improve cycle times. Shared operations makes for a more affordable and flexible warehouse solution. Our web-based WMS provides up to the minute inventory information, customized solutions, and end-to-end supply chain visibility.

  • Just-in-Time 7×24 operations to support JIT replenishment of components and finished goods
  • Line Sequencing components are packed in special sequencing containers and loaded onto trailer in sequence
  • Just-in-Sequence components are packed in special sequencing containers and loaded onto trailer in sequence, transported just-in-time in a specific sequence to the assembly line
  • Kanban (cell/process) Picking and Sequencing components are picked and packed to meet the needs for individual manufacturing cells/processes
  • Value Added Repack unload ocean containers arriving internationally. Components are inspected, scanned, and repacked to meet customer demand and packaging specification
  • Export Repacking components are inspected, counted, and packaged/over packed for ocean transport
  • Discrete Order Pick small lot quantities are picked and repacked to meet customer demand
  • Kitting assemble kits of components to meet customer order requirement (i.e. automotive parts, DVDs, manuals, and workbooks for publishing company)
  • Returnable Cleaning/Cross Docking clean and cross dock returnables for multiple suppliers
  • e-Commerce conducts business lines and sells good with the help of our advanced technology of software programs that include e-Commerce web site, product display, online ordering and inventory management